9:45 am                                                        Teachers                                                 

Adult Bible Study                                                         Pastor Steve Adams

Pathfinders (College Age/Young Married)                 Kevin and Dorothy West

TAG (Teens After God) 6th – 12th grade               Michael and Lindee Szewczyk

3rd – 5th Grade                                                           Jon and Jenny Miller

Pre K – 2nd Grade                                                     George and Wanda Davis

 10:45 am                                                         5:30 pm

 Worship Service in the Auditorium                               Sunday Evening Service

 Children’s Church in Fellowship Hall

 Primary Church      (4 yrs.  -  2nd Grade)

 Jr. Church               (3rd-  5th Grade)


6:45 pm                                                               7:00 pm

 Wise Guys      (4 yrs. – 5th Grade)                                       Prayer and Bible Study

TAG                  (6th – 12 Grade)

Nursery provided for every service