Grace for Your Journey

Joseph: Extraordinary Purpose

Genesis 37-50

1. There is a purpose in the pit 37:19-24

Joseph lost his family, freedom, country, way of life, his future.

They actually threw him into a pit and intended to leave him there to die, but God had other plans. God had a purpose

2. There is a purpose at Potiphar's house. 39:1-6

He ended up being sold into slavery in Egypt. He was 10 years there at Potiphar's. He learned a lot. He learned the skill of leadership. He was over the entire house. Potiphar only knew the bread he ate because he trusted Joseph so much. He learned to delegate and he learned to trust in God.

3. There is a purpose in prison. 41:1-41

Joseph was thrown into prison for refusing to compromise his integrity. Yet everywhere he went, God gave him favor.He was entrusted with the prisoners. 2 chief officers of Pharaoh were there with him, a baker and a butler. In prison they both dreamed and Joseph interpreted them. The butler was reinstated to the palace and the baker was killed.

4. There is a purpose in the palace. 41:42-57

Ultimately, Joseph was promoted to the palace, second in command to Pharaoh.

1 Cor 10:13 God is faithful

Romans 5:1-3 Peace with God then the Peace of God

Genesis 50:19-20

The purpose was to save many people from the death of the famine. It was to bring God to the Egyptian people.

Pastor Steve Adams