Grace for Your Journey

Deborah: Extraordinary Strength

Judges 4

Deborah means Bee, she was a prophetess and a judge.

Matthew Henry says, "Her work suggests she was busy as a bee. Sweet to her friends and sharp to her enemies."

The Strength that She Demonstrated vs. 6-7

Her message was from God. Judges 4:6-7

Barak was the commander of the army, but Deborah offered the strength that was needed to battle.

We trust in our own strength too many times. Our strength falters, but God strength is an endless supply. Psalm 121

Ladies strength helps their husbands, children, church and their communities.

The Support that She Gives vs. 8,9

Sometimes only wives, moms, and daughters are the only ones who we will listen to. Thank God for the help that he gives us. The battle belongs to the Lord. We draw strength many times from the support of others. Barak could have fought the battle without Deborah, but he drew confidence knowing that the voice of God (from Deborah) was by his side.

The Stamina that She Had vs. 14

Our strength is from the Lord. Our Support is from the Lord. Our Stamina is from the Lord.

Man's work is from sun up to sun down, but a woman's work is never done.

Women continue in prayer and never stop. They continue to serve and never stop. They continue to love and never stop.

Thank God for the women, wives, mothers, sisters and daughters the God has put in our lives.

Their strength, support, and stamina is truly from the Lord.

Pastor Steve Adams